Why is the serviced office trend becoming more and more popular?

Why is the serviced office trend becoming more and more popular?

  • Easy of Starting: Many startups fail due to lack of capital, investor issues, accommodation, and more. When you opt for serviced office space in a good location, you automatically attract investors, increase team productivity, build community and collaborate. Getting started with business becomes much easier with serviced office spaces. Getting started with business becomes much easier with serviced office spaces.
  • Cost Benefits and Productivity: Serviced offices save a lot of the Capex and Opex that otherwise, organizations would have to spend. Especially if you are a startup/small business, the amount of money you will need to invest in immovable assets is a lot less because serviced offices come with a host of assets that can be hired or rented out. Also, co-working and private office spaces offer a distraction-free environment, which helps your team focus on time-bound projects and boost productivity, which can bring in more leads.
  • Impression: Often, first impressions are the best. A good service office gives your client a better impression of what you do and your seriousness with the job at hand. The feel of a large office space can display the feeling of professionalism. This is especially important for scenarios when you have to conduct face-to-face conversations. Additionally, potential new hires may also get impacted by how your office space looks.

  • Hassle-free Experience: Most serviced offices have many facilities already involved in the contract. These include big-ticket items such as cafeterias, unmovable furniture, wifi, and so on. They usually also include cleaning staff, security, reception, etc. It makes the entire experience hassle-free and lets you focus more on the work rather than stressing about, say, when and how you can fix the internet equipment and so on.
  • Flexibility: Serviced office spaces provide the required flexibility to use office spaces. You can choose to hire a single cabin or an entire floor for your office needs. Some serviced offices also let you hire part-time spaces with the meeting room or without it. Alternatively, find a space in the heart of the town with access to all other amenities close by like gyms, pubs, eateries, medical stores, and more.

Modern style office with exposed concrete floor and a lot of plants,3d rendering

After the pandemic, the majority of large enterprises and startups are opting for serviced office spaces to cut down huge investments in traditional office spaces due to the increased flexibility. If you are a SME or a startup you should definitely consider serviced office spaces.

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