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Elegant meeting room – Modern equipment

The meeting room space at ELITE is more than just a place to meet and connect. At ELITE, the meeting rooms are always fully equipped with modern equipment and a team of professional and dedicated staff to provide the best service to meet the needs of customers.

The meeting room space at ELITE is an ideal place for individual and small group exchanges: interviews, signings and client meetings. Modern meeting rooms will bring professional experiences, increase focus and stimulate creativity, helping your team create breakthrough ideas for upcoming projects. ELITE hopes to help businesses build long-term trust with customers and partners.

Cozy Space & Exellent service

Elite Business Center
Outstanding Benefits

Variety of choices

There are various types of offices such as private offices, virtual offices, meeting room, co-working office to meet all the needs of each customer.

With diverse area from 8m2 to 70m2, Elite Business Center will be an appropriate choice for representative offices, corporate branches, SMEs,…

Diverse customer support facilities such as cleaning services, IT services, mailing services, reception,…

Professional staff

Coming from a company with a long history and many years of operation in the field of service provision, our staffs are well-trained, methodical and always work diligently.

Reception staff are always happy, friendly, enthusiastic, attentive, and fluent in many foreign languages will help customers feel most comfortable.

We always listen to customer reviews about our services and try to come up with the best solution.

Modern Design

Modern and cozy common space brings a feeling of comfort and relaxation. ELITE offices bring a sense of modernity, luxury and sophistication.

Elite Business Center’s office is fully equipped with utilities such as projectors, printers, high-speed wifi, fingerprint doors, 24/7 security cameras,…

Tenants only pay the rent of their room but can use the entire common space such as the Meeting room – Reception Hall – Pantry.

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ELITE Foundation for Success

Professional working environment, modern and high-class facilities.

Prime location and convenient traffic, located in the central area of Hanoi capital and Ho Chi Minh City, where many office buildings, banks and state agencies are concentrated.

The office has a minimalist design but equally luxurious, providing a professional and private working space for customers to focus on their work.

Our partners

ELITE is proud to be the home of a community of businesses in many different fields